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Facilities Available at Saini Institute

The Learning Centre recognized by well-known Universities permitted to provide counselling and tutoring services to students. The Learning Centre has been equipped with infrastructure and facilities as stipulated by the Universities, to support effectively the learning under the distance mode.
Learning Center provide students with a platform to interact with counsellors, other students and to also use the library. Students are receiving personal attention and support at Learning Center. The Learning Center is providing counselling and hands-on experience for each program (each semester) as indicated in the respective course headings. The Learning Center is acting as the access & contact point between the University and the students.
Assignments for Continuous Assessment and Feedback.
Online delivery of lectures through VSAT, wherever required.
Industry Related Project Work.
Library serves as a Reading Hall for students and is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate. The Main Library has books and many research journals. The Library has become fabulously rich in its collection. The library provides extension services to students, teachers, scholars, research workers and senior citizens including scholars from abroad.
The Canteen functions from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. for the benefit of students. It provides tea and tiffin, lunch and dinner facilities at suitable price. Special care is taken to provide qualitative food to student customers.
Saini institute also boasts of IT labs within the boundaries but connected to the world through broadband services truly making our boundaries limitless. The connection is distributed through the campus network to an intranet connecting various laboratories and subnets inside each lab, department, workshops, library, office as well as each classrooms. These facilities cater to the computing, information processing and multimedia requirements of the entire college.
Saini Institute has more than 50 computers having the latest specifications & peripherals.
Participation is encouraged in extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to organize and participate in the activities associated with physical and intellectual development and attitude building leading to open up one’s personality. They are deputed to participate in similar activities organized by other educational institutes to inculcate competitive spirit among them.
Electricity Facilities include Diesel Generator System, Generators to power the whole college, UPS systems etc.
Institute having air-condition, natural light class rooms.

The college has an audio-visual lab where special courses are run by experts. Well furnished Seminar Room with LCD & overhead projector.

Institute having parking facilities for Students, Staff, Management, Guest faculty.
Prayer room, Purified drinking water, English coaching for weaker students, Placement cell, Campus Interviews, Restrooms, Research facilities, Media Laboratory, Common Staff rooms, Medical facilities, Security, Guest Lectures, Workshop for creative activities, Evaluation of students, Spacious drawing halls etc.

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