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An Institute Which Understands Student's Requirements

Computersare on the ever-expanding scale of progress, so is SIACE. Keeping in view the present scenario of the IT industry Saini Institute has been introducing training programmers to meet the challenges of the computer revolution. Saini Institute of Advance Computer Education has developed a set of certificate and diploma courses from short term to long term duration.

The special short term certificate courses vary from one week to twelve weeks duration and are specifically job oriented. On the other hand, career-oriented long term courses vary from the duration of six months to three years and metamorphose a teenage student into a thoroughbred polished computer professional. Saini Institute of Advance Computer Education is breeding computer professionals right from the initial stages of a students career.

Message from the Management

It is my privilege to welcome you and introduce you to “Saini Institute”. Which has been established in 2006 as an authorized learning centre of Sikkim Manipal University. We are clear that it is our responsibility to help our students realize their goals in an increasingly competitive world.

I hope that what I have said and what you read about the college is enough to persuade you to visit us. Have a look around and judge for yourself.

“We wish to provide you with the best available facilities that are at par with the global standards. We have a strong inclination to achieve a position of excellence in the world of technical education.

I believe you will be like the atmosphere and will wish to come to us for an excellent education. You are coming to a place where we strive to provide you with skills that are valuable in the workplace and society.

Our Experienced Faculty

The faculty of Saini Institute of Advance Computer Education comprises qualified, experienced, full-time staff, formally trained to teach effectively the latest techniques in computers.SI also has the provision of in house training programmers for the teaching staff. This training is provided free of cost and the entire burden is borne by SIACE.

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